Meet Our Executive Team

Ready to partner with people dedicated to your needs with high standards of integrity? Perceptive and tenacious, with an impeccable eye for details, our executive team plays full out to guarantee your success.

Accomplished individuals on their own, they come together to form a strong partnership that is sophisticated, savvy (and yes, fun) and dedicated to creating relationships grounded in what is highest and best for all. They are there to serve you through all phases of your career development, in effortless times as well as challenging times, or—as it is said—through thick and thin.

With the ability to respond to constant change being paramount these days, it is refreshing to engage with a team that steadfastly focuses on servicing your needs and concerns, short and long term.

Kathleen Griffiths, Managing Director Client Relationships

Kathleen is a professional’s professional. She is the one top-notch senior professionals turn to when they need results. A straight shooter, Kathleen nails down the details that matter the most. Her focus is quality: quality service to her clients and quality service to her candidates. She takes the time to help her clients identify their needs and aligns them with the best talent. Very simple really, but everyone knows the very simple is the hardest to deliver. Kathleen delivers it.

One of the original founders of Select Group Inc., Kathleen’s track record is unmatched: more than twenty years of successfully serving the IT financial services industry, an industry where competition is always rising and innovation is essential.

Creative, fun and approachable, Kathleen has built her business on her passion that the perfect match does exist. And seeing the high regard and trust she establishes with her clients, it’s easy to see why when others fail or fade away, Kathleen succeeds.