How to Increase Retention Rates – and Attract Top Talent

August 21st, 2015

The cost of employee turnover is staggering. A recent study shows that the average price of losing just one team member is $125,000. Another notes that attrition results in productivity losses of 65 to 75 percent annually for each vacated position. Now that the recession is behind us, an increasing number of employees are actively […]

Want to Increase Your Company’s Performance? Then Hire Strategically

June 30th, 2014

How important is strategic staffing to your organization? Just as critical as your overall business plan. In fact, the two should complement each other as your company builds for ongoing competitive success. Today’s companies need to be flexible as they respond to ever-changing customer demands – and HR departments need to be top-notch at delivering […]

On the Job Mistake? Here’s How to Move Forward

June 7th, 2013

In the words of the great English poet Alexander Pope, “To err is human.” What that essentially means is, mistakes happen. But how do you handle an on-the-job mishap that goes beyond a simple error and has potentially damaging ramifications for you, your boss, or even your company? Job-related mistakes can feel devastating. And in […]

“What is a time…” How to Answer Situational Interview Questions Like a Pro

February 19th, 2013

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in work situations that we’ve found challenging. Those that have tested our mettle and enabled us to rise above the fray or caused us to trip over our own feet. Instances like these make us human. They demonstrate to our employer and ourselves what we are capable of handling. […]