How to Handle Group Interviews With Ease

April 8th, 2016

One-on-one job interviews are intimidating enough – and group interviews ratchet the tension level up yet another notch. Sometimes companies schedule panel interviews simply for the sake of efficiency. But often, their strategy is to assess how candidates perform in a professional group setting. The good news: If you are being evaluated by a number […]

6 Tips to Prepare for a Digital Interview

December 17th, 2015

For your next interview, you may find yourself alone in a room, speaking to an LCD display instead of a person. A growing number of companies have come to recognize the benefits of conducting interviews over the Internet. It’s more personal than a phone call, and it opens access to a global talent pool while […]

“Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Answer this Tough Interview Question

November 27th, 2015

“Tell me about yourself.” Don’t be surprised if this is the first question you’re asked in your next job interview. Hiring managers frequently lead with it, so they can learn which information you think is important to provide relative to the position on the table. Your response will set the tone for the rest of […]

Understanding (and Preparing for) the Interviewing Process

October 21st, 2015

Landing a job in the quantitative field presents a unique set of challenges. Not only must you demonstrate your mathematical and analytical prowess, you must also show that you fit the corporate culture. Companies typically assess this in a multistep process made up of testing and several interviews. Here are a few tips to help […]