How We Do It.

We start by having a conversation with the hiring manager and/or HR manager. We’ll clarify the parameters of the position. We’ll ask the questions that will give us the answers we need to identify the pertinent subject knowledge, key skills, level of responsibility and how the role is measured for success. Then we swing into action.

  • Source through our personal network, ATS, job boards and professional associations.
  • Interview all candidates to determine if they meet your needs and if they are serious about a career change. We meet them face-to-face whenever possible or conduct Skype meetings any time of the day or night.
  • Gather information for reference checking, background check, salary confirmation, etc.
  • Manage the interviewing process from start to finish—keeping communication clear by employing deep listening skills along with specific clarifying conversations that will short-circuit hidden concerns or surprises.
  • Present candidate, including a detailed overview of qualifications.
  • Facilitate offer and negotiation phase
    • Work with the candidate to highlight the benefits of your offer
    • Work with you to make sure your offer is attractive to the client
  • Support candidate through the acceptance phase, on-boarding process and start date.