Taking the Mystery out of Hiring Decisions

June 10th, 2016

Your recruiter did their job well: They found the right person at the right time to fill a critical vacancy in your company. Do you ever wonder how they are able to produce such consistent results?

To begin with, they do it day in and day out. They know what works and what doesn’t. They have the experience to source the right candidates, interview them to discover their potential and assess which people will thrive in each position or company.

What best practices can you adopt from your recruiter?

Know what you’re looking for. Your natural instinct may be to cast a wide net, ensuring you have access to the very best candidates, but more candidates doesn’t always equal better candidates. Take a step back to analyze what you truly need from your next hire. Don’t fill a position by rote. Create a whole new job description and target your marketing to source the most suitable candidates.

Remain focused. Hiring is time-consuming and frustrating, but a concentrated effort will get it done faster and more effectively. Although finding your next employee is only one of the items on your to-do list, it’s critical to devote the time and resources required to get it done. That’s why working with a recruiter is so helpful – recruiting is their specialty.

Ask the right questions. Gain a real knowledge of each candidate you interview by developing a structured set of questions to begin the conversation. Use the candidate’s responses as a jumping-off point, delving deeper into their abilities and experience by asking probing follow-up questions.

Be flexible and responsive. Getting the best people can often mean accommodating them wherever and whenever they need to meet. Currently employed professionals may not be able to speak on the phone during working hours. They may prefer an informal meeting at a coffee shop to coming to your office in the middle of the day and either changing or explaining why they are wearing a suit.

Keep each candidate updated on the hiring process and where they stand to avoid losing them to a more responsive competitor.

To learn more about why the best recruiters are so good at their jobs, take a look at our related posts or contact the recruiting experts at Select Group, Inc., today.

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