Q2 2016: Is Your Strategic Recruiting Plan on Track?

April 29th, 2016

Time flies. The first quarter of 2016 is finished and the second quarter is well underway. Are you where you should be in terms of your talent acquisition plan for the year?

The war for top talent marches on, just as fast as the calendar does. Now is a good time to be sure you are on track with a data-based approach that aligns your 2016 recruiting plans with your overall business plan for the year. As you position your HR team for the remaining three quarters of this year, be sure that you continue to drive your hiring processes toward profitability, productivity and success.

Interviewing for Competitive Success

Ensure that all your interviewers are consistent in their methods, approach, and the questions they ask. Don’t leave your hiring strategies open to personal biases. Everyone on an interview team must be in tune with your business’s long-term strategy in order to land top talent and retain them for the future.

  • Help interviewers clearly understand the characteristics of desirable candidates. If you keep everyone on the same page, you will be more effective in finding candidates with the traits you need for them to thrive and for you to build your competitive edge.
  • Keep communication lines open. Dialogue regularly with your recruiters, so you learn about any potential snags at an early stage. This also will help you to keep your process as efficient as possible, which benefits you, your organization and the candidate.

Tracking Your Progress

Recruiting is a numbers game. You can’t systematically improve your processes or procedures unless you adopt a data-driven approach. Track your success at every stage. You need to simultaneously attract the right audience, size up candidates, and sell them on your company. Your talent acquisition KPIs should include:

  • Cost per hire: Tracking these numbers helps ensure your recruiting efforts are not only feasible, but also on par with your industry, size and geographic location.
  • Turnover: Understand what causes turnover within your organization, and estimate a history from which to benchmark future trends. Examine wanted versus unwanted departures. If your company is continuously losing top talent, examine how your organization stacks up to the needs of A-level candidates and adapt accordingly.
  • Offer ratios: These include interview-to-offer and offer-to-acceptance numbers. If you are interviewing a lot but failing to extend offers, it’s time to review your vetting process. If candidates aren’t accepting your offers, there may be a disconnect between expectations or a misunderstanding of cultural fit – or you may be losing talent to your competition.

Are you where you should be in terms of your 2016 recruiting goals? The specialized recruiting experts at the Select Group, Inc., are passionate about ensuring you connect with – and land – top talent. We get to know your organization so we can anticipate and meet your needs, and help you adjust your strategy as needed for optimal results. Contact us today so we can tell you more.

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