Strategies to Overcome the Candidate-Driven Market

March 25th, 2016

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that in the next decade, 15.6 million jobs will be added to the market. This hiring bonanza will allow top talent to seek out opportunities that haven’t been there in years.

The best-of-the-best candidates are typically on the job market for just days – and have their pick of available positions in their field. Does your company have the right acquisition strategy to successfully compete in this scenario? It’s daunting, but doable. The key lies in your industry-leading employer brand.

Make Candidate Needs Your Priority

Find out what your top prospects want from their careers – and do whatever it takes to make that happen for them at your company. Provide an environment that supports the freedom and innovation they are seeking.

  • Treat talent acquisition as you do customer acquisition. Actively listen and show that you understand and are ready to be responsive to candidates’ needs. Then shape your offer accordingly.
  • Appeal to your candidate’s lifestyle. Create customized compensation packages. Offer attractive lifestyle benefits such as flex time, telecommuting and job share options. Work/life balance is more important than ever before, especially among the millennial segment.
  • Focus on your mission and culture. Candidates no longer seek jobs primarily based on pay, but on a company’s culture and reputation. Develop an inspiring mission and an open, transparent culture that naturally attracts the brightest and best talent. Be sure that your organizational mission and vision align with those of your most desired prospects.
  • Offer growth and development. Provide ongoing career training and ways beyond just salary to show people they are valued and appreciated. Inspire them to grow with your company versus outgrowing it.

Widen Your Horizons

Reassess and reconfigure your established hiring process so you stay current with the changing global market scene. Don’t overlook talent that has taken time away from the workforce or opted for early retirement during the recession years. They may be ready and well prepared to get back in the game. Those at a later career stage often are open to consolidating their own reputations as valuable advisors, coaches and mentors.

The Select Group, Inc. team of recruiters and account managers takes your hiring success seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our leading-edge strategies for building and developing your team and filling your business-critical leadership roles.

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