Use Company Branding to Attract Top Talent

March 11th, 2016

Employer branding and attracting top talent go hand in hand. If you want to land your most desired prospective hires, create a brand that resonates with them and incites them to choose you over the competition.

Treat Hiring Like Marketing

Define your value proposition for each role. Determine what makes your company different from any other organization – and get that message out there.

  • Highlight current employees in your messaging. This will help you build relationships as you showcase why they would want to work for you. Your message should clearly demonstrate who you are as a business and an employer.
  • Share your philosophy and your culture, not just the perks of the job. Make it visual. Include testimonials and inside looks at your organization, so candidates can get a true picture of your company and the people behind the brand.
  • Leverage your people and their resources. Encourage social sharing and employee referrals. Remember, their networks spread way past your own. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 45 percent of job seekers want to explore the social media profiles of current employees at their target companies. They also want to interact with these employees to learn more about an organization and possibly seek a referral.

Cultivate Your Image

Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition and defines you as an employer of choice. Your talent acquisition team can optimize the candidate experience by:

  • Offering a top-quality career site: Job seekers, especially millennials, expect to encounter a responsive, efficient career site. This means it is mobile friendly so they can apply for jobs via their tablet or smartphone.
  • Using social media as a branding tool: Not only should you continually participate in social conversations and issue original content, you also must enable candidates to readily interact with your organization.

Walk in Your Candidate’s Shoes

The top 10 percent of candidates are on the market for less than 10 days, so don’t keep them waiting.

  • Walk through your hiring process from start to finish. Making it more efficient not only helps ensure you don’t lose great talent, it also makes you look good. Keep candidates in the loop, so they are always aware of their status and your time frame. Even if they are not hired, notify them promptly and nurture all promising relationships. A positive experience, regardless of the outcome, can result in a long-lasting positive return on your investment.

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