2016 Career Trends to Follow

January 8th, 2016

Jobs in the tech sector continue to be a promising growth area as 2016 gets underway. Predictions show that, this year, successful job hunters will be those who stay on top of technical trends and continue to embrace change, pursuing new skills that will add value and marketability to their brands.

Today’s Job Market Realities

Companies today are using more project staffing including contract programming, part-time contractors, and outsourced projects and support, as the global economy continues on a slow path to recovery. There is still some uncertainty about the future; in fact, some analysts have forecast another significant financial downturn as soon as 2018.

  • Cloud computing is reducing the need for full data centers and the support staff that go with them.
  • Employers still seek strong communication and interpersonal skills in addition to technical prowess. Problem-solving, active listening, user interface and teamwork are key candidate selling points.

In top demand are broad-based skill sets in areas such as mobile, analytics, project management, security and Big Data, as well as cloud computing. Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python and PHP have been called “the new force” by one group of hiring experts.

Hiring Predictions

The United States is expected to return to a 3 percent GDP growth rate in the near future, a pace that is forecast to hold steady through the end of 2016. At this rate of growth, the economy will likely be generating jobs at a rate of 250,000 per month by the early part of next year.

According to one recent survey of companies that plan to increase their IT staff in 2016, the following skills will be in high demand:

  • Programming and applications development (48 percent of respondents)
  • Project management (35 percent)
  • Help desk and tech support (30 percent)
  • Security and compliance (28 percent)
  • Web development (28 percent)
  • Database administration (26 percent)
  • Business intelligence and analytics (24 percent)
  • Mobile applications and device management (24 percent)
  • Networking (22 percent)
  • Big Data (20 percent)

Tips for Job Seekers

Follow – or continue to follow – career development and learning in these areas as you take your job search strategy into the next year:

  • Embrace technology for smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, iPads, iPhones and Android operating systems.
  • Learn the new HTML standard, HTML5.
  • Build your proficiency in JavaScript, Web Services, VB.Net, Sequel Server, jQuery, Excel, Swing, Java FX, GO and OpenStack.
  • RPG is not dead, but it is no longer the hot ticket it once was. Legacy code will continue in the background for several more years, but new tools will be used to access the data in related systems. As the current generation of RPG developers retire, replacements will come from the Java and newer language areas. Learn .NET, My SQL, XML and JSON, as well as PowerPoint, Visio and Linux.
  • Security certifications will be of value to infrastructure professionals, setting you apart from the competition.

For additional resources and updates on career trends for quantitative staffing in banking, finance, insurance, IT and related areas, contact the Select Group, Inc. team today. We can help fuel your growth and success in 2016 and beyond.

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