2016 Strategic Staffing: Writing and Executing a Recruiting Plan

December 23rd, 2015

Now that you’ve evaluated your current staffing needs, it’s time to develop and implement your plan for the year ahead. Strategic workforce planning means compiling the right combination of employees and candidates to meet both the short- and long-term needs of your organization.

Bring your existing staff to their full potential.

Strategic staffing is not just about hiring more people. It means making the best choices available to address your critical business needs.

  • In some cases, you may not need to hire at all. Help your managers to honestly evaluate projects and focus their teams’ efforts on priorities that will grow revenues, increase efficiency or cut expenses.
  • Encourage managers to think first. Have their groups’ needs changed since the last time a position was open? Should a potential replacement have the same skills and experience as their predecessor? Ask your hiring manager to analyze a work group’s activities to fully understand how current staff resources are allocated. For instance, can less critical positions be combined into one in order to free up an employee whose talents would be better employed elsewhere?

Be proactive when hiring.

Work with key managers to forecast hiring needs well in advance. Address staffing from a proactive, planning perspective. It’s not realistic to assume that the staff needed to achieve your top objectives is readily available and quickly deployed.

  • Identify any current – or potential – staffing constraints. Once this is done, you may opt to move in a different direction or try to capitalize on a current market opportunity based on the staffing levels and capabilities you currently have at your disposal.
  • Consider the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to each position. This ties into your organizational culture: What you value, how you expect employees to perform, and what behaviors you encourage and discourage.
  • Accurately assess candidates. Candidate assessments enable you to not only weed out poorly qualified individuals, but also arm your recruiters to successfully differentiate them.
  • Have a user-friendly recruitment platform. Be sure you effectively communicate with candidates across all platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Offer ease of use and personalized attention.
  • Personalize your ATS. That’s right. Applicant tracking systems are great, but don’t let yours become robotic. An effective system provides the ability to be engaging. In other words, create responses that speak personally to candidates. By viewing prospective hires as the high-priority customers they are, you maintain positive brand awareness. This makes recruitment easier and more successful overall.

The Select Group, Inc. team of recruitment experts can partner with you for the long term as you develop and implement your strategic staffing plans. Contact us today so we can discuss the possibilities.

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