6 Tips to Prepare for a Digital Interview

December 17th, 2015

For your next interview, you may find yourself alone in a room, speaking to an LCD display instead of a person. A growing number of companies have come to recognize the benefits of conducting interviews over the Internet. It’s more personal than a phone call, and it opens access to a global talent pool while eliminating travel costs.

How can you demystify the digital interviewing experience and attract the attention of a prospective employer? Use these tips to demonstrate your confidence and finesse, and present yourself as the best candidate for the job:

Do your homework.

In many ways, preparation for a digital interview is the same as getting ready for an in-person meeting. This includes conducting thorough research on the company and the position.

  • Start with the employer’s website, but don’t stop there. Delve into their social media platforms, talk personally to current and former employees, and go to Google News for any recent press releases.

Practice and prepare.

Think of your interview like a performance, and rehearse for it ahead of time. This includes making and receiving calls through technology such as Skype, as well as interpreting and fielding common questions.

Get the setting right.

Your prospective employer will be seeing you for the first time via a Web camera, so be sure and consider the background. Keep it clean, quiet and clutter free.

  • Test the quality of your web cam. Position it to find good lighting and a flattering angle.
  • If possible, use an external microphone to improve audio quality. Test audio levels by speaking into the microphone just as you will during the interview.
  • Test the speed of your Internet connection. Make any needed adjustments, such as quitting unneeded apps that use up bandwidth.

Sell yourself.

Again, this is no different than a personal interview, so be ready to sell yourself. It’s all about highlighting your unique qualifications and how they fit the company’s needs.

Anticipate the questions.

Here are a few commonly asked interview questions and hints for responding to them:

  • Tell me about yourself. Think back to why you applied for the position. Then paint a picture of what you bring to the table, which others do not. Draw upon past experiences, using specific examples, statistics and details.
  • Let’s discuss your experience. The last thing you want to do is regurgitate your resume. Again, have concise, specific responses prepared, based on past accomplishments.

For every question, know when to stop talking. Here’s where your rehearsal pays off. Consistently use “we language” to show that you’re a team player. While sharing your achievements, be clear about how they benefited your entire team or department.

Have your own questions ready.

Ask pertinent questions of your own that show an employer that you’re carefully evaluating their company and whether working for them is the right match for you. You may want to ask:

  • What are the common traits of your top performers?
  • How is performance evaluated?
  • Why do you like working here?

These questions help ensure a cultural match, which is equally, if not more important than having the right experience and skill set for the job.

At Select Group, Inc., we know the importance of making the right career move and how to prepare, including personal and digital interviews. To learn more about how we can help you succeed in landing your next great position, search our available jobs, submit your resume, or contact us today.

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