Team Cultivation: How it Impacts Your Recruiting and Retention

November 6th, 2015

The concept of team cultivation involves developing your future leaders by immersing them in a positive, collaborative environment that encourages learning and growth. It is based on the cross-functional sharing of talent across teams, where they continue to grow, as well as influence others.

Cultivation can be modified and applied to virtually any business initiative. Its benefits include:

  • Increased and improved utilization of junior and mid-level employees.
  • Better retention, thanks to robust career development.
  • Establishment of reliable, repeatable processes for shorter time to market and higher quality product output.
  • An enhanced reputation and employer value proposition.

You need to mobilize your team members to achieve overall performance targets. In order to truly empower them, let go of the old-school, top-down command-and-control methods. These can result in disengagement and loss of team value.

Promote Engagement

Make sure every interaction you have with an employee fosters a sense of teamwork.

  • Be modest. Don’t focus too much on yourself and your successes. Recount your experiences only as they are relevant to a current team challenge. Try sharing your failures – aka lessons learned – as well.
  • Elicit continuous feedback. This includes disagreement. Tap into each individual’s expertise and encourage them to express what they really think. Consider all team members, including those whose voices may be drowned out by their more vocal colleagues.
  • Be sure everyone understands company culture. Clearly articulate your mission and vision – and make sure that your team members’ goals align with it. A consistent attitude and communication style across all channels and at all levels helps to solidify a team.
  • Keep communication lines open. Be sure everyone on your team is working from the same knowledge base. Be as transparent as possible. Continuously communicate team goals. Encourage questions and input.
  • Recognize and reward. The happiest – and hardest working – team members are those who feel appreciated for their efforts. Spearhead activities like weekly pizza parties to acknowledge goals met. Publicly commend employees who receive positive customer comments. When team members actively recognize one another, they are inspired to band together.

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