Ask a Recruiter: “I Don’t Have Time to Hire. What Should I Do?”

October 28th, 2015

Your people are your greatest and most valuable asset. It may not always seem possible, but you need to spend time and take care when recruiting, hiring and onboarding them. In short: You need to avoid rushing your hiring process. Remember, a bad hire is far more costly in the long run than working shorthanded.

Don’t Settle

You know the cost of a bad hire. In addition to the financial hit – estimates range from three to five times a person’s annual salary – morale suffers, valuable management time is consumed and ultimately, you wind up right back where you started, with another separation.

You may argue that you don’t have time for all the recommended steps to guarantee a perfect hire. However, in reality, you can’t afford not to ensure that your new hires have all the traits you need, including:

  • A sense of responsibility: The desire and ability to own projects from start to finish and be fully responsible for outcomes.
  • Resourcefulness: The unfailing capability to get the job done, even when thrown the inevitable curve ball.
  • A positive attitude: A natural tendency to embrace change and look at work – and life in general – from a positive perspective. This goes hand in hand with a high energy level.
  • Excellent listening skills: Avoid individuals who want to talk more than listen. Good listeners are in touch with those around them and are adept learners, because they are willing and able to take in new information.
  • Strength at relationship building: Look for people who can build and sustain relationships with colleagues, managers, customers and stakeholders.
  • Focus: We live in a world where we are constantly distracted. The ability to focus on core issues and shut out the “noise” is critical to business success.

Audit Your Process

The fourth quarter is a good time to audit your hiring function and identify needed process improvements. Your staffing firm can help you juggle this, along with the need to keep abreast of current HR and other year-end needs. Even if you don’t work on a traditional fiscal year calendar, think about incorporating an audit into your annual operating plan.

  • HR audits not only help alleviate your hiring deadline stresses, but they also ensure that your practices are current and competitive. In addition, regular audits mitigate your company’s risk for any potential liability related to employment practices.

Consider a thorough assessment, starting with what happens when you recruit candidates and continuing until after the employer/employee relationship ends.

  • Gain perspective and insights by gathering feedback from all key stakeholder groups.
  • Determine your top talent acquisition priorities in the coming weeks, months, quarter and year.
  • Prioritize projects and then use the recommended resources to complete them.
  • Build a talent optimization action plan to enhance the effectiveness of your process, while eliminating the need to continually fight fires.

It sounds like a lot – and you may already feel overwhelmed. By partnering with a specialized recruitment firm like Select Group, Inc., you can leverage a wide spectrum of resources and contacts, while freeing up your internal HR pros to focus on getting their own work done. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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