Crafting a Job Description that Will Attract Underrepresented Tech & Quantitative Candidates

October 14th, 2015

Hiring managers sometimes put too little thought into creating job descriptions. When it is just one more item on their to-do list rather than a carefully planned part of their recruitment strategy, it may be treated as either a wish list or a to-do list. Give a little consideration given to the tone and terminology you use in for better hiring results.

Do your job descriptions attract the quality of candidates you want? Do they appeal to a broad variety of personalities, giving you a diverse pool of talent to choose from? Are you inadvertently turning off the very people you want to draw in?

Competition for tech and quant talent is fierce. Household name companies who can offer large salaries, unlimited perks and prestige after the same talent you are. That’s why you need to cast your net wider and give careful thought to how you present opportunities. Bringing diverse people into your company to contribute a variety of perspectives can help your company to grow and adapt to any challenges that may arise.

Here’s how to craft a better job – and attract better candidates.

Put aside your biases. We like to think that we don’t bring prejudices into the hiring process, but everyone has their own assumptions. When you begin writing a job description, who do you picture as your ideal candidate? Is it a man in his twenties, a woman in her forties? What race or ethnicity comes to mind? This is just a sampling of the preconceived notions you may be bringing to the process.

Use your words. The manner in which you phrase things does make a difference. Are you using sports analogies, or aggressive language which may skew your results toward white males? Or do you include words like collaborate and support, which may be seen as more positive by women, millennials and people from a range of countries or backgrounds.

Work with a specialized recruiter. They can help you create a diverse pool of talent. With industry expertise and a wide range of connections, your recruiter can cast a wider, more inclusive net. By trusting a specialized recruiter to source and screen your technical or quantitative talent you are assured of identifying and attracting diverse talent.

At Select Group, Inc., we understand how critical it is to attract top talent to your organization. Our candidates come from all walks of life and possess a wide range of technical skills and experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to realize your ongoing talent management goals.

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