5 Reasons You Should Call a Specialized Recruiter

August 14th, 2015

As you launch or advance your big data career, one of the smartest moves you can make is to build a relationship with a specialized recruiter. It can change your life for the better – today, tomorrow and as you continue to grow and advance.

Market Intelligence

Niche recruitment firms stay ahead of the industry curve, as they are deeply embedded in the IT marketplace. Their tenure and experience work to your benefit throughout your career.

  • They have advance knowledge of market changes. This includes having a pulse on current hiring trends and access to unadvertised positions, which often are the prime jobs no one hears about via traditional media channels.
  • Some employers use recruiters exclusively. Your ideal job may be on the table and you wouldn’t know about it otherwise.

Professional Contacts

The best recruitment firms have established networks of contacts, developed through well-established relationships with hiring managers and corporate decision makers. They can leverage these resources to find the right fit for your experience, qualifications and lifestyle goals.

  • Your recruiter can connect you to industry veterans, as well as up-and-coming experts and employers. If you’re just starting out, this will be the basis of a professional network that you can cultivate throughout your career. If you’re a seasoned professional yourself, you already know the potential return on your networking investment.

Building a Long-Term Relationship

Your recruiter will be your career partner for the long term. The best ones cherish their candidates, remain loyal to them and continually nurture those relationships.

  • You’ll get ongoing feedback. Working with a specialized recruiter, you’ll always know where you stand, whether you’re monitoring the market landscape or in the thick of interviewing or negotiating with a prospective employer. For instance, if you fail to get an offer, your recruiter can tell you exactly what happened and why. You’ll never be left wondering.

Cultural Fit

A qualified recruiter will not present you as a candidate unless they know with certainty that a job is the right match for your personal needs, goals, aspirations and vision.

  • Job fit + cultural fit = a successful career move. Using their extensive industry experience and relationships with individual employers, your recruiter will help you land the position that best aligns with your demands.

The Dollar Payoff

Not only will working with a recruiter cost you nothing from a financial standpoint, but you’re lifelong earning potential will be optimized as a result.

  • You pay no fees. Recruitment costs are absorbed by employers who have contacted with their staffing agencies to fill jobs and build talent pipelines.
  • Your recruiter knows you – and knows your worth. They are continuously on the lookout for opportunities where you will realize both cultural alignment and optimal growth from a wage and compensation standpoint.

To learn more about partnering with a career coach who specializes in analytics staffing, read our related posts or contact Select Group, Inc., today.

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