Data Analyst? 4 Career Checkpoints to Follow

July 16th, 2015

The data analytics field is growing fast. That means more opportunity for seasoned professionals like you who are interested in advancing their careers. You can find work in most any industry or region, so there is no reason to limit yourself.

Analytics have gotten a lot of press in the last few years. The demand for data specialists and the generous salaries often associated with these positions have created an influx of recent graduates and career changers eager to join the industry.

This is where you, the experienced data analyst have the advantage. Consider these checkpoints to ensure you’re getting the most from your data analyst career.

Benchmark your compensation.

Compare your salary, perks and bonuses with what other analysts are receiving. If you entered the field before demand ramped up, you may find your salary has lagged behind. Discuss a salary review with your employer if you note a discrepancy between your compensation and industry averages, but realistically, you may need to change jobs to get the salary bump you deserve.

Follow your interests.

Virtually every industry has a need for data analysts. Why not work in one that intrigues you? Follow your heart by working for a nonprofit or follow the money by looking for analyst roles in high-profile industries. Or just choose a field that dovetails with your hobbies. You’ll find opportunities in every field from fashion to sports.

Increase your marketability.

Build your resume with additional training, certifications or post-graduate degrees to position yourself for the most desirable jobs. Even with a heavy demand for analysts, there will always be stiff competition for the best jobs. It’s up to you to keep your skills up-to-date to stay ahead of the pack.

Go west – or east.

Or most anywhere you want to go. Data analyst opportunities are available in every state and almost every town. Move close to family or try a locale with a more pleasing climate. Data analytic skills are transferable so you should have no trouble finding the right job anywhere.

Partner with a specialized recruiter

By working with Select Group, Inc., you’ll be able to uncover the data analyst opportunities that suit you best. We partner with employers nationwide who are looking for candidates with skills and experience like yours. To investigate opportunities to advance your data analyst career, contact the experts at Select Group, Inc.

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