How to Recognize a Good Recruiter in the Field of Financial Analytics

June 18th, 2015

Working with a recruiter can increase the efficiency of your job search. Your recruiter can uncover hidden job opportunities, get your resume into the hands of the right people and ensure that you select the position that best fits your career goals. But a bad recruiter is worse than none at all. Here are a few factors to consider when you are choosing a recruiter to help you with your financial analytics career.

A good recruiter will:

Take a personal approach

You may be the fiftieth candidate they reached out to today, but you shouldn’t be able to tell by speaking to them. Whether they email or call, they will be prepared. They will understand the position they are filling and have an idea of who you are. If they don’t know enough about you from your LinkedIn profile or through networking, they’ll know the right questions to ask.

Respect your time          

Any recruiter accustomed to working with experienced professionals will understand that they need to work around your schedule. Chances are you are currently employed and are unable to take calls during business hours without jeopardizing your current job. A good recruiter will be happy to speak with you on evenings and weekends or meet with you on neutral ground.

Do what they say they will

Successful recruiters know the importance of keeping in touch regularly to update you on their activities. They will submit your resume to the employers they promise to – and not anywhere you haven’t preapproved. They won’t disappear if an interviewer doesn’t consider you to be a good fit. They will call you and provide detailed feedback on how it went.

Not give you the hard sell

The opportunities a recruiter presents to you should sell themselves. With an intimate knowledge of your experience and goals, and the employer’s requirements, he won’t have to work that hard to convince you to give it some thought. Watch out for recruiters who waste your time with job postings that don’t make sense for you.

Have a deep understanding of your industry

In financial analytics, recruiters are often tasked with filling positions with highly specific qualifications. Good recruiters won’t try to fit you into “pretty close” job openings. They do what’s best for you and the employer, knowing it will also be the best for them in the long run.

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