How to Convince a Candidate to Relocate

May 22nd, 2015

In a perfect world, the ideal candidate will live just around the corner from your office. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. When your dream candidate is located on the other side of the state or all the way across the country, how do you convince them to accept your offer?

Reassure the Reluctant

Many candidates hesitate to relocate, even for a very attractive position is because they have concerns about the longevity of the position and the company. While the real estate market has improved, many people are still underwater on their homes and may have difficulty selling them and purchasing a new home in your location. It’s tough to make a commitment with these financial concerns weighing you down. While you don’t have a crystal ball, you can share projections or financials that demonstrate the stability of your business to put their mind at ease and provide them with a relocation company who can address their housing concerns.

Sweeten the Pot

Make your offer generous enough to win over top talent. An enviable salary may not be enough. Lay out a potential career path to assure the candidate that this is a wise career move, not just a great job. Providing a relocation package is also essential to enticing top candidates to accept your offer. Consider all of the factors and expenses that go into relocating to ensure your offer is attractive.

Call for Backup

Give the candidate all the data needed to make an informed decision. Schedule calls or in-person meetings with the team or supervisor they will be working with. Show the candidate around the office and potential workspace. Provide information on what the location is like. Professionals considering relocating often have a lot of concerns. Provide the resources to address them.

Think About the Family

Getting the family on board with a relocation can be a challenge, but once you win them over they can be your biggest allies. Fly the spouse and any children out to get acclimated to your location and see everything it has to offer. Ask the candidate about their interests so that you can personalize their visit and any information you provide.

Find out what the spouse does for a living and introduce them to any local contacts you have in the field. Two income families are the standard now, so if the local job market is soft in the spouse’s industry, it can be challenging for your candidate to accept the offer.

Work with a Recruiter

Choose a recruiter who understands the specific challenges of your industry and the difficulties associated with relocations. At Select Group, Inc., our recruiting team knows how to pave the way for relocating candidates. No matter where your ideal candidate is located, we can help find them, attract them and bring them on board. Contact us to learn more.

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