Is Your Resume Unreadable?- What Not to Do

May 8th, 2015

Sometimes you get so caught up in the idea of optimizing your resume for a computer program to scan it keywords that you forget about the actual humans who will read and assess what you’ve written. Avoid these common errors that can make your work history inscrutable to the very people you want to impress.

Don’t Play Inside Baseball

The HR person or hiring manager you are hoping to interest didn’t work at your last company. They may not know what an ACS system or a NBS report is. They want to know what challenges you were presented with and how you solved them; how, specifically, you exceeded expectations or what specific languages, databases or tools you used.

Don’t use acronyms or names of departments, projects, products or services that are not going to be recognized or understood by people outside of your organization.

Don’t Forget Formatting

Think about the reader. The person scanning your resume may read dozens if not hundreds of them in the course of a week. That gets tough on the eyes. Leave plenty of white space, use bullets and lists as often as possible. Choose a readable font size – 11-12 point is best. Stick with a commonly recognized font such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman.

Don’t Be Vague

It should be immediately clear what job or at least what kind of job you are looking for by reading your resume. Customize your resume to the targeted position so the reader does not have to guess at your suitability for the role. Remove any extraneous data or experience that has nothing to do with the position you are applying for.

Stand Out

Use action words, active voice and detail your accomplishments. Your resume should not look like a job description with a listing of your job duties. It should show how you excelled at those responsibilities and made a positive impact on the company.

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