Gaining Your Bearings In The Marketplace: A Professional’s Guide

May 1st, 2015

Once you have reached a professional level in your career, changing positions takes a more strategic approach. Chances are you will need to conduct your search confidentially and suitable positions may not be advertised. Developing a battle plan should be your first step in considering whether and how to make a career move.

Visit Appropriate Websites

Consider sites that are geared toward professionals such as, or You can post a resume, anonymously if you like, or set up alerts to receive an email when a position matching your criteria is posted.

Investigate aggregator sites like and These sites scrape job postings from all over the web, offering a quick way to see a sampling of the positions available in the market. Post your resume to these sites as well, because recruiters frequently set up search agents to find people with the qualifications their clients seek.

Update Social Media

LinkedIn is especially critical – not only for networking, but for finding your next career opportunity. Many recruiters and hiring managers start here to find active or passive candidates who meet their qualifications. Post a recent professional picture and assess your profile with a critical eye. Is it engaging and well-written? Does it present you as a dynamic professional? Your LinkedIn profile can show a bit more personality than your resume does, but should still reflect your professionalism.

Fill out the entire profile thoroughly; taking advantage of all the options LinkedIn has to offer. Add keywords in the last part of your summary, so that people searching for someone with your skills can find you. Add links to your website, presentations or other professional material or certifications. Participate in group discussions and follow target companies.

Leverage Your Network

Network is a verb, not just a noun. Get out there and be active. Join professional organizations, attend conferences. Never turn down an invitation. Meet people in your network for lunches or coffee and share any leads or information you may have. Networking should always be a two way street.

Build Your Portfolio

Update your resume to include your current position and to give it a more up-to-date look and feel. Consider any certifications that can make you more marketable. Evaluate continuing your education if there are courses of study expected of someone at your level.

Partner With a Niche Recruiter

A recruiter who specializes in your field or professional level can lead you to opportunities you may not find on your own. They can also do much of the fieldwork for you, allowing you to conduct a confidential search and spend less time on cumbersome search tasks. They can help you optimize your resume, brush up on your interviewing skills and evaluate offers.

Why Go It Alone?

With the expertise of Select Group, Inc., readily available to you, why not leverage us in your job search? To learn more about the services we offer to professionals like you, read our related posts or contact the recruiting team at Select Group, Inc., to learn more.

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