How to Accelerate Your Hiring Speed (While Still Hiring Top Talent!)

March 27th, 2015

The most highly qualified professionals are in high demand. It’s critical to act quickly to avoid missing them. Impress top candidates with a speedy hiring process that demonstrates your decisiveness, sense of urgency and commitment to sustained productivity. Hiring quickly reduces your costs and doesn’t waste your time or that of the candidate. And the faster you extend an offer, the lower the chances that another (better) one will come in.

Tips to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Establish your criteria. It’s essential to be clear about who you are looking for. What are the job requirements? What are your goals for the position? What will make your new hire successful in this role?

Reduce the number of interviews. Candidates should be interviewed by those who will be directly impacted by their hire and who are highly skilled at interviewing. Don’t put candidates through multiple interviews just to dilute the hiring responsibility across multiple decision makers.

Interview better. Choose interviewers who are highly skilled at interviewing and who clearly understand the requirements of the position. Ask questions that will uncover how the candidate thinks, how they solve problems and what they will bring to your organization. A structured interview process allows you to eliminate underqualified candidates quickly to narrow down your field.

Consolidate interviews into a single day. It’s tough for people who are currently employed to take time off for multiple interviews. Consider asking top candidates to clear their calendar for the day and complete their interviews all at once. Check to see that everyone you would like the candidate to meet is in the office that day.

Create a strong referral program. Candidates who are recommended by current employees have a better chance of fitting into your culture and should be quicker to screen.

Build your brand. You’ll speed your process by attracting top candidates to your organization. If you have a reputation as the place people want to work, they come to you.

Partner with a Specialized Recruiter

Outsource your hiring process to a recruiter who offers expertise in finding the right people and screening them to suit your requirements. You’ll shorten your time to hire and improve your results. Contact the experts at Select Group, Inc. We can help you get better hiring results faster.

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