How to Decide Which Recruiter You Should Partner With

December 12th, 2014

If you’re a high-demand professional, whether or not you’re actively job seeking, you’re likely inundated with calls and emails from industry recruiters. What a nice problem to have! But it can pose a challenge, as you decide which recruiter you want to partner with to advance your career.

The Right Recruiter Leads to the Right Role

Having the right recruiter and sharing the right information can lead to finding the perfect fit with the right organization. Whether you are currently employed, or actively looking for a new career opportunity, working with a recruiter will put you in a favorable position to potentially move into a better role. Remember, without an offer you have no decision to make – and no bargaining power.

As you evaluate offers from recruiters to work with them, consider these things before making a decision:

  • Look for a recruiter who focuses on your industry. This means they really understand your work and the most promising career paths in your business. They also have a solid handle on competitive compensation packages and can offer a wide network of current industry contacts.
  • Scrutinize their job postings and reach. The best niche recruiters have access to the best positions, including many which have not been published or promoted elsewhere. This results from the long-term relationships they have built with clients and candidates.
  • Do your homework. Research them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Are they connected with people you know? How long have they been recruiting in your field? Check out their groups and postings to see if they are really able to “walk the walk, and talk the talk.”

Key Questions to Ask

Ask these questions in order to build your understanding of a recruiter’s capabilities:

  • What is their knowledge level of the opportunities and companies they represent?
  • Do they seem interested in fostering a long-term relationship with you or are they simply trying to fill a specific position?
  • How can they help you fine tune your resume, excel in interviews, and negotiate an acceptable package should you receive and decide to accept an offer?
  • Will they debrief both you and the client following your interview and provide truthful, useful feedback?

Regardless of your status – whether you’re in need of a job, employed but actively job hunting or comfortable where you are – the right recruiter can be an invaluable partner throughout your career. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the Select Group, Inc., recruiting team today.

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