Want a Job at Your Dream Company? Provide Solutions – Before You Start!

November 20th, 2014

Good news and bad news about landing your dream job in 2014. The bad news is that it’s no longer enough to send a cover letter and resume in response to a job posting. The good news is if you take the initiative to analyze the needs of your target company and its industry and address them directly, you can easily set yourself apart. Are you willing to do what it takes to stand out?

Identify their Pain Points.

Employers don’t hire to fill empty desks or because they like you. They hire because they have a business opportunity to be taken advantage of or a challenge that must be addressed. An employer who advertises for a sales person wants to increase revenue. One who requests a data analyst is looking to create actionable data. How can you leverage this information to win the job?

Present yourself as the Solution.

Draft a cover letter that acknowledges their pain points – the specific individual company and industry issues they are looking to address. Call attention to the skills and experience you bring to resolve them. Demonstrate your history of overcoming similar challenges and present yourself as the best candidate to tackle theirs. Your cover letter should intrigue the reader and connect logically to the resume.

Always Tweak your Resume.

Never send the same resume out twice! It’s fine to keep a baseline resume, but customize it to each job posting, even if you just change the order of your accomplishments. Use strong, action words and gear it specifically to the opportunity. Bullet points and plenty of white space keep it skimmable and draw attention to the aspects of your experience that relate directly to the position.

Prepare for your Interview.

Draw specific examples from your history that demonstrate your proficiency as a problem solver. They should be relevant and quantifiable. Share interesting and relevant anecdotes with numbers, statistics or revenue. State specific facts and quantifiable data that reinforce the claims that you are making. Describe the problem, how you analyzed it and how you solved it.

To learn more about showing employers that you understand their pain points and are ready to help resolve them, read our related posts then contact the team at Select Group, Inc. today. Our recruiting specialists look forward to hearing from you!

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