How to Write a Great Resume Summary

November 10th, 2014

We have previously covered the importance of a resume summary — who reads it, why you should write one in Your Resume Summary, Who Reads It Anyway? Now let’s spend some time learning how to craft a great one.

The resume summary is the perfect place to customize your resume to each job you are interested in. By tweaking your resume to match their requirements, hiring managers can see that you will be the perfect fit. Try to use the same terms that they use and make a connection from your experience to their needs.

Getting Started

Brainstorm what you would like to include. This will be the equivalent of an elevator statement, so it will be brief, but don’t constrain yourself early in the process.

  • What is the your strongest selling point?
  • What do you want to convey to the reader?
  • What can really hook a hiring manager?

Constructing the Summary

Keep it brief. The summary should be 4-6 lines at the most. Keep it relevant. Don’t go off on a tangent that the employer or recruiter will not care about — stay on point. It should be tightly focused.

What to Include

  • Title, years experience and qualifications.
  • Specific proficiencies that a hiring manager will look for.
  • Strengths, skills, and accomplishments that will set you apart from other candidates.


Senior Risk Analyst with more than ten years experience. Proven leader, proficient in system analysis, modeling, and development. Extensive experience in programming with MATLAB, SAS, SQL and C/C++. Excellent analytical skills, self-motivated, able to handle multiple projects and adapt to diverse teams and projects.

The summary is the resume equivalent of an elevator pitch or an introduction at a networking event. Use that prime real estate at the top of the page to really grab attention then back it up with specific, measurable details of challenges you faced and your accomplishments.  You want the hiring manager to want to talk to you further, that’s it.  Then, be prepared to really shine in person during the interview to win the job.

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