How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile (to Help You Snag a Top Job!)

September 12th, 2014

Maybe you jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon early – you understand the importance of networking and having an online presence – but is your profile doing everything it could for you? Are there simple changes you could make that can help you to grab that dream job?

Check Out Your Profile.

Did you use action words? Industry terminology? Have you listed accomplishments rather than job duties? Your profile is an advertisement for you. It should be concise and engaging with everything an employer would want to know about you – and nothing they wouldn’t.

Update Your Network.

Go through your contacts. Have you included people who know you well from previous jobs? Do you know people in your industry? Target employers? Send them a connect request. Don’t send requests to strangers, but if you have connections in common, you can ask for an introduction or email directly to explain your relationship and what’s is in it for them if they network with you.

Join Groups.

And participate in them too! Asking intelligent questions — and answering those you are qualified to — can help you to present yourself as a thought leader in your field. Recruiters regularly check into group pages in their target industries to find people who know what they are talking about. Join both local and national groups if you can for a more well-rounded picture of what people in your field are discussing. You may even come across a job opportunity in conversation.

Stay Relevant.

Read online and hard-copy publications in your field as well as general business and economy. It’s essential to stay well informed, so that you can both speak intelligently about what is going on in the world, and so that you can spot trends that could lead you to career opportunities you might not have known about otherwise. Begin or add to conversations in your LinkedIn groups on these topics.

Stay Engaged.

The most well-written profile means little if you post it once and forget it. Update your status, share interesting posts. An active newsfeed will keep you top-of-mind among recruiters, employers and even peers who may know of an appropriate opportunity for you.

For more information on leveraging LinkedIn and other social media in your job search or help finding top job opportunities, contact the experts at Select Group, Inc., or check out some of our related posts.

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