Unlocking the Power of Online Job Search Tools

August 10th, 2014

Online job boards are no secret. Most professionals know to check major and niche boards regularly and set up alerts to be notified when new jobs that match your qualifications appear, but how can you get even more out of these great tools?

Many job boards allow recruiters and hiring managers to create an ideal candidate profile and request that they be notified when resumes from candidates who meet their requirements are uploaded to the site.  In fact for every one position advertised a recruiter has five candidate profile alerts for unadvertised positions.

Placing your resume on jobsites and professional networking sites can help you to capture the attention of recruiters. Job sites, including LinkedIn, Careerbuilder and Indeed, can send alerts to recruiters when new profiles are added to the sites that meet their criteria. How can you create an eye-catching profile that recruiters will notice?

Keep it Concise. Recruiters will get a lot of alerts. Make your resume brief and easily skimmable.  Don’t try to fit everything on one page or use a non-standard format.  Your summary shouldn’t be more than seven sentences. Provide detail on just the last ten years of work history then put just the job titles, company’s names and tenure for the earlier positions.  If a recruiter shows interest, you can provide the full resume to him upon request.

Use Keywords. Create a resume that is built around industry terms that will grab the attention of recruiters, not company specific acronyms that no one else will recognize.  Don’t “keyword stuff” so that your resume appears like nothing more than a list of terms. It will make the phrasing of the resume awkward and unnatural. Sprinkle the words you know employers in your field will be looking for throughout the resume – but always in context. Look at job postings that interest you and gear your resume to match.

Search Confidentially. Indeed keeps your personal information private, interested employers contact you via email only, but even on sites such as Monster or Careerbuilder, you can replace your name with “Sales Professional” or something similar that will keep your search anonymous.

Focus on Your Niche. Cast a wide net with general sites, but also post your resume on niche sites for a more tightly targeted search.

Stay up to Date. Update your profile regularly when anything changes – new certifications, skills and jobs. When you change your online profile or resume, new alerts will be issued to recruiters.

Not getting the results you want from online job boards? Add a recruiter to your job search tool box. A niche recruiter can help you find the opportunities that allow you to reach your professional goals. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the expert team at Select Group, Inc., today. We look forward to hearing from you!



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