Want to Increase Your Company’s Performance? Then Hire Strategically

June 30th, 2014

How important is strategic staffing to your organization? Just as critical as your overall business plan. In fact, the two should complement each other as your company builds for ongoing competitive success.

Today’s companies need to be flexible as they respond to ever-changing customer demands – and HR departments need to be top-notch at delivering staffing results. This is especially critical in the current candidate-driven marketplace.

Your effective strategic staffing plan:

  • Standardizes HR practices across your enterprise.
  • Serves as a model for those who recruit, screen, interview and hire as well as onboard and manage the talent function.
  • Ensures that you hire right the first time, avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Improves performance at all levels.
  • Assures that hiring policies and practices are consistent and fair across the company.
  • Boosts employee and leadership development.
  • Lowers costs.
  • Limits risk and liability.
  • Makes a significant contribution to enhanced quality, productivity and corporate reputation.

Strategic staffing plans are a giant step ahead of more traditional, “old school” plans as they emphasize the lifetime value added by employees and focus on growing this value over time. The results are beneficial to everyone involved.

Keys to an Effective Plan

Your well-developed staffing plan will enable your talent management team to identify the right candidates, conduct a thorough and effective vetting process and ultimately make the right hiring decisions. Your model should reflect the culture of your company, along with the nuances and requirements of your industry and upcoming operational needs.

  • Build your plan on performance-based criteria. Create job profiles around measurable standards relevant to optimal behaviors. Keep job descriptions transparent and current.
  • Benchmark performance. Use your company’s own standards and goals, as well as those of top competitors.
  • Maintain objectivity. Eliminate any bias and be consistent as you evaluate and source candidates.
  • Structure your interview process. Involve the right team members. Build a standard set of questions for all candidates based on a behavioral model. Include a comprehensive debriefing and evaluation piece – all to be done in a timely fashion to keep hiring on track.
  • Always be recruiting. Don’t wait till an opening occurs. Foster relationships via your staffing firm and your own professional network. Tap into the passive candidate market, where top performers can be found.

Reaping the Benefits

The advantages to a strategic staffing commitment far outweigh the costs. The time and resources you devote will pay for themselves many times over as your plan enhances your company’s:

  • Competitive standing: Smart, well-executed hiring decisions and employee development will steadily increase productivity and efficiency by boosting employees’ confidence and competence levels. Seeking out innovators and giving them the tools and training to grow, keeps your organization on the forefront of industry developments. In addition, it enhances your reputation as a leading employer.
  • Employee development: Your plan enables you to identify and cultivate leaders. Investing in high performers helps ensure that your mission and vision will remain intact through executive transitions and other inevitable changes.

A specialized recruitment firm can help you address your strategic staffing needs from a point of view that you may not be able to reach on your own. Contact Select Group, Inc. to further explore this option and set your successful plan into motion!

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