How to Be a Big Data Thought Leader and Sell Your Employment Brand

May 27th, 2014

To win the war for top talent, you need to maximize your standing as a big data industry leader. The best way to achieve this is to create an effective amalgamation of social and traditional media, then build a world-class candidate experience. It’s a highly powerful strategy – and you can put it to work for you, starting right now.

Social Media

The beauty of social media is that it can be representative of specific populations who become actively engrossed in sharing and spreading your message. Social media influencers are your target audiences for:

  • Assessing your brand image.
  • Anticipating and tracking perception of and satisfaction with your company as an employer.
  • Identifying the most compelling features, means and benefits of brand-related communication.

Use social media to build and manage your company’s image as you attract and retain A-level employees.

  • Coordinate content. Start with your own web page and take an integrated approach to leveraging social media channels. For instance, if you’re launching a recruitment video, have everyone in your company do it on the same day via their Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts. Include Pinterest, currently the fastest growing social network in history, in your strategy, along with other venues such as Instagram and Vine.
  • Use photos. They are social media powerhouses. Facebook posts that include pictures or albums increase engagement by up to 180 percent. Pinterest is second only to Facebook in driving referrals.
  • Incorporate professional videos. No other medium better portrays your message, mission and culture. Take a cue from the global music industry, where brands present their lifestyle, personality, attitude and message via a three-minute bonanza of light and sound. Use your best employees and customers as your superstar talent.
  • Optimize your website for mobile. Potential candidates don’t wait till they get home to check out online job opportunities or research perspective employers before a job interview. The most popular time for this activity is Mondays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. And since people are likely to be at work at this time, you can bet they’re using their mobile devices to job hunt.

Additional Tactics

Put your data to use by incorporating results into not only your social media strategy, but also these aspects of employment branding success:

  • Building the best possible candidate experience. In a recent survey of 45,000 candidates, among those who had positive experiences, 61 percent said they would actively encourage others to apply at an organization. Forty percent said they would buy more goods and services from a company, even if they weren’t hired there. And 50 percent indicated they would share their experience with others. Make sure your candidate experience is personal and individualized. Get to know the wants, needs and pain points of every applicant – and be prepared to address them. Communicate and seek feedback from everyone involved as you continuously work to improve your process.
  • Using your current employees as ambassadors. In addition to their social media networks, identify your best performers and make them your best recruiters. They can spread the word via their personal and professional contacts, on campus at their alma maters and through the oldest and most time-tested method of communication: word of mouth.

Thanks to the volume, velocity and variety of data and data streams – both traditional and social – the possibilities for establishing your company as a Big Data industry leader are virtually endless. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the workforce development team at Select Group, Inc., today. We specialize in helping employers attract, recruit, and hire top big data talent for their businesses and would welcome the opportunity to help your organization too!

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