Using Talent to Mitigate the Legal Risks in Big Data

May 9th, 2014

Big Data provides a wealth of information to businesses that use it wisely. But with that data comes risks. It’s critical to identify those risks and take steps to mitigate them.

Big Data Risks include:

  • Bias – Real or perceived
  • Civil Rights violations
  • Privacy concerns
  • Legal standards that must be met
  • Transparency of usage
  • Unwelcome location data gathering


What challenges will you face?

The biggest difficulty is finding talent to address all aspects of these risks. Data analysts and ethicists are necessary to compile the data and ensure that it is not being misused, but according to the latest estimates, for every big-data related role that is created in the United States, an additional three non-technical positions will need to be filled. This totals six million new jobs over the next four years. Where can you find people to fill them and what skills do they need?

What kind of talent do you need?

Preparing for the Big Data explosion is about more than just creating a list of job titles and skills. It’s also about finding people with the right attitude.

You need three types of people:

  • People who can analyze
  • People who can execute
  • People who can communicate

The people you hire must be comfortable with change as the field is growing quickly and they will need to be able to adapt on the fly. Make leveraging data a priority, focus on strategies to achieve legal compliance and get buy in from all parties. Your Big Data team must be included in your overall strategy, not brought in as an afterthought. If you want to keep the most talented data specialists, you must challenge them regularly and compensate them well.

How can you attract and retain Big Data talent?

With so many jobs being generated by big data, identifying and hiring top specialists is a highly competitive endeavor. Partnering with a specialized recruiter like Select Group, Inc. can help you to find he talent you need to address the risks inherent with Big Data strategies. Our recruiters can uncover people with the skill sets you need to get the job done and the attitude necessary to fit into your company. Contact us today to get started!

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