The Big Data Hiring Boom: What It Means for Your Career

May 1st, 2014

Big Data is creating jobs for more than just analysts. Whether you have the ability to compile and analyze data or the communication skills to translate it to decision makers, embracing Big Data can fast-track your career.

Currently, businesses need people who can:

  • Create programs to gather data
  • Compile and analyze data
  • Communicate the relevance of the data
  • Develop data-based management and hiring strategies
  • Create marketing strategies to use the data

Departments such as marketing, human resources, legal and finance will all need to prepare for the changes that Big Data brings. And with the promise of improved bottom lines, increased productivity and reduced costs, businesses are eager to add data-savvy professionals to the team.

So whether your degree is in statistics, business or liberal arts, you can leverage big data to find challenging positions or develop your career.

For employers, the challenge is getting people up to speed quickly in such a new field.Projected talent shortages in the United States run into the hundreds of thousands. And Big Data pays well. Analysts can average near six figure salaries or more.

In-demand experts include:

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data warehouse manager
  • Data architect
  • Database manager
  • Database developer
  • Data scientist
  • Risk Management

Big Data roles are going unfilled because of the difficulty in finding candidates with a blend of analytic, statistic and business skills. And because of the new and changing nature of this field, finding experienced talent is near impossible..

Consider additional education.

Look to degrees that focus on machine learning, statistics and computer science to add to your marketability. Master’s degrees and even PhDs will put you in line for the best positions at the highest salaries.

Want to learn more about what opportunities and challenges big data can bring to your career? Contact the recruiters and coaches at the Select Group today! We can help you find opportunities that will position you for long-term career success.

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