Are You Being Headhunted? Why You Need to Work with a Recruiter

March 7th, 2014

When a recruiter calls, should you answer? And if so, what happens next? Are you interested and ready to pursue a possible career growth move? Do you know your current value in the job marketplace?

Lots of questions – and it’s important to have all the answers lined up before you take that next big step.

How to Respond

Treat a call from a headhunter as a positive career development. At best, it may work out to be the ideal job you’ve been waiting for. And even if the position is not right for you, you’ve learned of a new development in your field and can start building a relationship with potentially powerful long-term benefits.

So, when the phone rings:

  • Answer it. If the time or place is not appropriate, make alternative arrangements. This also gives you an opportunity to think and do some research on the job and the search firm.
  • Stay real. A headhunter’s call is not a guarantee of a job. But it’s a solid start. By talking with a recruiter, you’re indicating that you agree to be considered for a position, at least at this point.
  • Ask questions. How did the recruiter find out about you? How long have they been in the business and what is their track record? Do they have specialized expertise in your field? What stage is the candidate search in? Is this a replacement hire or a new position? How much can be revealed about the job description, title, approximate salary range or corporate culture? This way, you can determine up front whether or not it’s in your strike zone.

How to Determine Your Market Value

Your fair market value as a job candidate is the sum total of:

  • Your researched value: The current going rate for the position. Various Internet sources can help you with this, as can the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Your individual value: This encompasses any special training, skills or competencies that you offer which set you apart from other candidates. You’ve worked hard to achieve these and as a result, they’ve added value to your employment potential.
  • Your future value: This takes into account long-term rewards such as profit sharing, performance-based bonuses, raises and stock options included in your final package.

Keep in mind that your market value is not the same thing as your current salary. Getting an accurate read on this value is critical if you plan to take your career to the next level.

Advantages of Working with a Niche Recruiting Firm

As you define your market value and formulate your career path strategy, there are advantages to working with a specialized recruiting firm:

  • Robust professional networks: A specialized firm has better contacts and stronger professional relationships than those who spread their resources over a broader range of candidates. They will build a personalized relationship with you and remain loyal to you throughout your tenure together.
  • They know your industry. Niche recruiters understand your industry, your qualifications, your talents and your career wants and needs. They can successfully partner with you throughout your entire search process.

Partnering with a niche recruiting firm is a smart strategic move as you shorten your search time and realize your professional goals. To learn more, read our related posts or contact Select Group today.

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