Four Advantages to Partnering with a Specialized Recruiting Firm

January 17th, 2014

Partnering with a recruiting firm can be one of the best decisions you make – as long as you choose the right one. There are myriad firms vying for your business, so how do you make the best possible choice?

Most recruiters are generalists, which means that while they represent a wide spectrum of industries, they may lack the depth of knowledge, contacts, and business-specific resources to effectively fill your talent gaps. But by working with a specialized, or niche firm, you can readily find and attract the A-level team members you need to meet your unique organizational needs. So, start there.

Niche recruiting firms:

Know Your Business

Specialized recruiting firms have a solid working knowledge of your business. They speak your language, so you spend less time bringing them up to snuff.

  • When reviewing resumes, they can quickly read between the lines and pinpoint inaccuracies or exaggerations.
  • They stay current with industry trends and developments, providing insights on prime candidates on the horizon, so you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Have Access to Top Talent

Niche firms have “boutique” candidate pools, as well as extensive local, regional and global networks that are specific to your hiring needs.

  • They have their pulse on superstar talent, including passive candidates – those not actively seeking employment. These superstars are in the top five to 10 percent when it comes to industry performance. Specialty firms know where to look for the best employees, and where not to look.
  • Their professional networks, as well as their candidate bench strength, are always current – because they focus exclusively on hiring for your industry. And their access to market intelligence is invaluable.

Accurately Assess Your Needs

A specialized recruiting firm will work with you to analyze your current talent status and how it aligns with your company’s future plans. This includes:

  • Assessing your expectations and tweaking them as needed so they’re coordinated, realistic and achievable.
  • Designing customized searches based on where the firm thinks your company’s pain points are, where positions stand in terms of your weaknesses, and where improvements need to occur. From there, the focus is on identifying candidates with strengths to offset those weaknesses.

Save You Time – and Money

By leveraging the industry expertise of a niche firm, you’re more likely to stay on time, on budget and on point when it comes to your hiring needs.

  • They do all the grunt work when it comes to selecting and pre-screening candidates. You see only the cream of the crop, leaving you time to focus on running your business – and minimizing the chance you’ll have to rehire in the event a candidate doesn’t work out.
  • You can opt to test out new talent before you make a permanent investment. Initial payroll, insurance and related expenses are the responsibility of the recruitment firm until you decide otherwise.
  • Because specialized recruiters work from Day One on finding candidates with the right skill set, expertise and cultural fit for your business, training time and expense tend to be significantly lower. Because they’re the right match, new hires acclimate and become productive much more quickly.

To learn more about partnering with a niche recruiting firm and why it may work for you, contact the team at Select Group, Inc., today!

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