Big Data Professional? You’re in High Demand!

September 9th, 2013

Big data and analytics professionals, take note! You’re about to leave the rest of the pack in the dust when it comes to career opportunities.

Yup, that’s exactly right. Based on the laws of supply and demand in the current global marketplace, your future looks very bright. With the right job search strategy in place, your only remaining challenge is to find the employer and working environment that best meet your personal and professional needs.

A Look at the Market

According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, the United States by 2018 could face a shortage of between 140,000 and 190,000 professionals with the analytical talent needed to meet the big data needs of the nation’s businesses. To close this gap, companies will continue to recruit employees who are highly skilled in math, statistics, data analysis, business analytics and natural language processing – along with relentless scientific temperaments, intense curiosity, a naturally strong creative bent, and the ability to effectively communicate with non-technical, as well as tech-savvy business units.

And because you love to crunch numbers – come on, there’s no use denying it, so just listen – check out these additional stats pertinent to the future for data and analytics experts:

  • While the average salary for IT workers in general grew more than five percent in 2012, to surpass $85,000, the annual income of big data specialists now exceeds $100,000 a year.
  • By 2015, 20 percent of Global 1000 organizations will have established a strategic focus on information infrastructure comparable to that of application management. This is occurring as a growing number of organizations come to understand big data and realize who it can revolutionize and improve their business in innovative ways.
  • Globally, 42 percent of IT leaders either have already made significant investments in big data technology or plan to do so within the next year. Geographically, the Silicon Valley leads the pack with the largest portion of this investment, followed by Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

How to Advance Your Big Data Career

Whether you’re a new or recent graduate or an analyst with a passion to segue into the brave new world of big data, plan to build your resume and job search persona around a balance of hard, scientific and technical skills and the interpersonal abilities to multitask and apply your insight across myriad business operations including planning, marketing, supply chain development, purchasing, pricing, and materials management.

Talk to recruiters to build your awareness about positions such as web analyst and data scientist and merge your career path with ongoing growth in these areas.

A niche firm with a focus on analytics staffing for decisive, future-oriented organizations can be a tremendous asset and resource for career coaching, job placement and professional contacts. For more information, contact Select Group, Inc., today!

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