Referrals: Helping Other Professionals – AND Your Career

August 12th, 2013

Have you ever considered referring a friend or contact to your company as a potential new hire? This can be a rewarding and mutually beneficial move as you not only help someone who’s in need of a job, but also enhance the level of confidence your employer has in you as a team player. Recommendations from current employees are a highly-trusted and effective source of new talent.

A Word to the Wise

It’s a great idea and often the right thing to do, but before you refer someone to your company, be sure you’re comfortable with their work ethic and abilities. The last thing you want is for your good intention to backfire, which would result in a stressful and potentially devastating outcome for both of you.

On a more positive note, the better fit your referral is, the more it will help you build your own at work. Nothing reflects better on your reputation than making a contribution to enhance the company and build results, via a good hire.

Reasons for Making a Referral

Here are some benefits associated with making a successful talent referral to your employer:

  • It helps the company – and you – to succeed. If you want to realize your own professional growth and achievements, then you want your company to do the same. And you contribute by helping your employer build a winning team.
  • You are actually making a difference. It’s good – for your psyche and for your career – to be involved in decisions that drive your company forward. This is especially true in the case of robust new hires. Your referral can potentially save your employer a significant amount of money that otherwise would be spent on recruiting, screening and selection.
  • Your referral could wind up working with you. Even if the candidate you recommend is in a different department or area, you will share a common bond and in all likelihood, wind up working together or at least sharing war stories. If you want a better, more welcoming workplace, you’re smart to populate it with friends.
  • Your friend will appreciate your help. It’s good to help someone out, especially when their financial stability and personal well-being depends on it. And remember, what goes around comes around. One day, they may return the favor.
  • It could be financially rewarding. Check to see whether your company offers “finder’s bonuses” for current employees who refer new hires. Many employers do.

The Benefits of Networking

As you grow and develop in your career, continue to build your circle of friends, friends of friends, and potential contacts. This is breeding ground for professional opportunities for all involved. Sometimes, opportunities arise when and where you least expect, whether it’s at a professional seminar or your Saturday morning yoga class!

Another step to supercharging your career and your network is to partner with a recruiting agency. A qualified staffing firm can help you take the next step up the professional ladder, as well as grow your list of friends and contacts. Contact Select Group, Inc. to learn more!

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