Pick Your Partner Wisely

March 19th, 2013

Finding the right job is a lot like finding the right life partner – whether it’s a friend, a spouse or a significant other.  When you start a new job, you’re entering a relationship that needs to be mutually beneficial, comfortable, satisfying and profitable. And with any luck, you’re both in it for the long term.

Career Matchmaking

When applying for a position, you may be inclined to turn to company websites. Not a bad idea, but to help ensure that you take the right first steps to cementing the best possible match, be aware of the pros and cons involved.

  • When you send your resume via a company’s career portal, it could be swallowed up in a “black hole” where it may not be seen for a long time, if at all. It’s not unusual for employers to receive several hundred resumes in response to a single job opening.  And although your resume may be the best of the best, you still run the risk of it getting “lost in space.”
  • Most HR departments are overwhelmed and understaffed, making it even less likely that your web-based application will be reviewed as soon as you’d like it to be (which was yesterday, right?). And more often than not, the first reviewer will likely be a junior staffer who is new to the industry.  Wouldn’t you rather have an experienced talent specialist be the first to see that resume that you worked how many hours on?
  • When searching for open positions, use the feature “see other positions similar to this one” (most job boards provide this search aid to job seekers).  If you see the same job, or a similar sounding job and it is being advertised by a third party agency, contact them first.  Interview the agent; see what they know about the position.  How many recommendations do they have on Linkedin?  What are other candidates saying about them?
  • Once a position has been given to an agency, the employer has already decided that they don’t have the time or resources to fill it themselves.  They are under pressure to “fill the position” as they’ve been assigned new openings that they must recruit for without agencies.  They depend on their vendors to provide a steady supply of high-quality, fully vetted candidates.

It Takes a Team

Company websites can be an excellent media for learning about potential employers. But along with resources provided by companies and organizations, you can benefit from a professional staffing firm with a proven track record.  The benefits of having a pro staffing team behind you include:

  • A better understanding of any hidden requirements for a position.
  • A working relationship with companies’ hiring managers and cultures.
  • Real-time knowledge of the job market and changing business trends.
  • The expertise to guide you when it comes to your resume, getting your foot in the door, interviewing, and negotiating the best wage and benefits package.
  • Constructive feedback on how to make your job search more productive, effective and successful.

Working with an established staffing firm gives you access to their extensive network of contacts and provides the reliable source you need to learn about prospective employers and whether or not they’re right for you – before you make direct contact with them.

Your staffing team can match your unique skill set with the right employer, acting as your liaison to a whole new team of your own.  Learn more by contacting the recruiting experts at Select Group today!

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