Considering a Job Offer? Then Think About These Things…

February 28th, 2013

Finding and accepting the right job is about more than just matching your skills with a job description. The right job enhances your career and provides you with something tangible beyond a paycheck.

Match the Job to Your Current Lifestyle

You’re going to find out over the length of your career that what you want in life and work changes according to your priorities. So while you might start out wanting a career opportunity that allows you to travel the world, maintain odd work hours, and move to new locales, eventually you may want to buy a home, start a family, and set down roots.

As you consider each job offer, don’t forget to consider where you are in your lifecycle as well as how the demands of your career affect the choices you make.

Consider What the Company Has to Offer

It’s important to be a bit selfish when you look at a job. Factors such as culture, compensation, and growth opportunities can influence whether a position is right for you.

One of the critical elements of making a good job match is the work environment. This includes:

  • Company culture. Think of this as the personality of the organization. Is it creative, conservative, family-oriented, or something else? Consider how this matches with your current needs and the type of environment that you work best in.
  • Workdays and hours. If you don’t want to be wired 24/7, ask what days and hours you are required to work as well as what days and hours employees actually work.
  • Physical location. Not only should you consider your commuting distance, look at your surroundings. Will you be working in a cold, impersonal building that’s 45 minutes away or right down the hall in your cozy home office?
  • Co-workers. If you don’t enjoy working with your colleagues – this includes your supervisor – it will be tough facing them each day and working together on team projects.

Additionally, while salary is important, it’s not the only factor. Consider the benefits package as well as other perks, like a signing bonus and the opportunity either to grow within the organization or to learn a new skill you can take with you when you leave.

Ask Yourself What You Can Contribute

Finally, the right job offer provides you with an opportunity to utilize your skills and stretch yourself. It needs to challenge, stimulate, and motivate you. If you don’t feel needed, that you are fully utilizing your knowledge and skills, and that there is something more for you to learn, you’ll quickly become bored and unhappy.

The right job offer should offer more than money. It needs to be a complete opportunity. We can help you define what you want and match that to a great new position. To find out more, give the experts at SelectGroup a call today!

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