Being Prepared Can Make or Break Your Job Search

January 28th, 2013

Granted, you may or may not have been a boy scout. However, if you are looking for a new job you always need to be prepared in case the right employment opportunity presents itself unexpectedly.

Without knowing it, you could bump into your next boss anytime, anywhere. She might be the woman sitting next to you at a business conference or the guy you chatted up at a recent professional association meeting. That’s why always looking and acting your best becomes especially important.

Always Present a Professional Image

Don’t let your guard down. Consider each situation as a chance to shine, and be on top of the smallest of details. Something you might not consider as important, could tip the scale in your favor. Here’s what we mean:

Communication. This single word covers lots of territory. It goes beyond how you present yourself in a job interview or the words you choose for your resume (which you should always keep up to date, by the way).

Being prepared includes presenting a professional image with little things like your outgoing voice mail message or your email address – which should not be something along the lines of Change your email, if necessary, or get a separate email address and phone number just for your job search.

Additionally, you’ll want to have your elevator speech – that 30-second pitch that sells you – prepared well in advance and sounding unrehearsed when you deliver it.

Wardrobe. No one expects you to dress in a business suit to run errands on the weekend. However, regardless of your current job situation, you should always have your best interview outfit ready and waiting. Make sure your business clothes fit well, are properly pressed, and don’t require repairs.

Social media. Though it is illegal in about half a dozen states to ask prospective (and current) employees for access to their social media pages, there is nothing to stop employers from doing a generic internet search. Before they do, check out what they might find by dropping your name into a search engine to see what pops up. Then take corrective measures, if necessary.

Prepare for the Job Interview Phase

Practicing for an interview may sound old school, but it can give you an advantage. It allows you to review your own personal work history and refresh your memory about all your career accomplishments. These will come in handy when you want to provide the interviewer with specific examples.

In addition, you need to prepare a list of current references. These may change over the years – you add new contacts, delete older ones, or someone moves – so it’s important to review them regularly to make sure you have all the necessary information – names, job titles, and employers – and especially current phone numbers.

Ultimately, being prepared is an essential part of your job search. We know. And we can help. Regardless of where you are in your career, let Select Group prepare you to find a great new opportunity.

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