How to Be an Innovative Leader in Your Company

January 18th, 2013

The big question is: are you an innovative leader? If you’re asking yourself this, you probably need to revamp your leadership strategy to rise as an up and coming leader.

Innovative leaders are desirable to a company because they understand the difference between doing things right, and doing the right things. They understand that what worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. They bring a vision along with different approaches on how to lead. They are forward thinking and so are the people they hire.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have…It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” Jobs may be one of the most well-known innovative leaders of his time, but it is important to understand that building a culture that embodies innovation isn’t just about hiring a few creative types. It’s about:

  • Helping people to think differently
  • Looking at challenges in new ways
  • Utilizing everyone’s potential to its fullest
  • Re-imagining the future instead of relying on past experience
  • Staying ahead of the competition

Innovation is not a single event. It is a continuous experience. It encourages calculated risks, and recognizes and rewards exploration, experimentation, and learning. The best and most innovative leaders embrace and perpetuate a company culture that encourages everyone to be innovative. Only then can they truly be innovative as well.

Building an Innovative Leader

There is a story that one of Walt Disney’s greatest creations, Mickey Mouse, came to him during one of the bleakest times in his life, and that a family vacation led to one of his greatest inspirations, Disneyland.

Innovative leaders are intuitive and always open to new possibilities. They learn from others as much as others learn from them. They shy away from conventional business thinking and right or wrong answers in favor of new possibilities. They keep an open mind at all times and:

  • Place no boundaries or limitations on what can be done
  • Aren’t afraid of change, ambiguity, questions, or failure
  • Never give up
  • Constantly learn from successes and failures – their own and other’s
  • Embrace new and different perspectives

The most innovative leaders find people who expand their thinking, provide valuable insights, and lead them to uncover solutions to problems.

Finding the right people is where we can assist you. The Select Group is about more than just job placement. We help you build your career. We take the time to know and understand who you are as an individual, where you are in your career, and where you want to go professionally. We’re there to show you the path toward becoming an innovative leader.

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