Nurturing Your Professional Network

January 4th, 2013

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an employment opportunity right now or thinking about your future, your professional network is critical to your career success. However, it requires you to develop and build relationships with friends and colleagues on a regular basis. These bonds that you build offer a wide range of benefits, including the following tips.

Networking Offers You Power

You may not realize it; however, networking offers you power and control over your career. It provides you opportunities to:

Find new employees. For those in a position that requires them to identify and hire workers, networking provides a fundamental source of candidates.

Give and get moral support. The right network can help you find someone to talk to about the good and the difficult periods in your career.

Find a new job or choose a different career path. While finding a new job is the most obvious reason people network, if you decide to change careers, you’ll benefit from a strong and diverse network.

Discover business opportunities. Maybe you’re looking for a new vendor or you want to find out the latest market research on your competition. Tap into your professional network to learn the latest scoop.

Regardless of how you put your network connections to use, you’re in control of the experience and for making it productive.

Networking Never Stops

Too often people think of networking as an occasional thing. It becomes that once-a-year gathering at the holiday party or that desperate call when you’ve been laid off. In reality, the only way to build, strengthen, and properly utilize your network is through a consistent, ongoing effort.

Whether you’re the CEO or the administrative assistant to the CEO, you can create your own robust network through:

Give and take. Networking requires trust. To develop and nurture trust, you must give as much as you receive. Whether you provide a job lead or pass along an interesting business article, when you offer something, people are more inclined to offer something in return. That might include friendship, and it might mean your next career move.

Focusing on your goal. Though you may not realize it, networking is strategic and requires a plan. It takes time and effort to get to know people and to maintain strong relationships. When you network, do it with purpose. Seek out those you want to meet. Have an end in mind, so you spend your time constructively.

Making connections. This is what networking is all about; meeting new people and staying connected to those you already know. When you take the time to attend professional association events, vendor holiday parties, lunches with business colleagues, speaking engagements, and other social and business functions, you offer yourself a chance to grow, learn, and expand. Moreover, you offer your network connections an opportunity to know you.

However and wherever you make connections, keep in mind that building your professional network is critical to your career and job security. Contact the staffing experts at Select Group today to discuss how your professional network can help find your next employee, or help you find your next job.

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